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Koliva is !/ Tα Κόλυβα είναι

The offering of grains to the dead is a custom that stays uninfected since the Paleolithic era.
The custom of the koliva is related to the worship of the goddess Demetra and the feast of the Anthysteria, and later acquires religious Christian value.
The preparation of the koliva needs patience, detail, delicacy and to-do appetite. At the same time it is a very nutritious recipe with ingredients rich in vitamins, polyunsaturated, trace elements and antioxidants!

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Remember! the Dreamer said…

“Remember! Nobody and nothing can do anything if it is not commanded and directed by you. Conflicts,poverty, failure, disease, death or any other disaster are not objective realities. They are not outside yourself. They become real only if you dream of them. No war within, no war without. This is the law.”
from the book The School of Gods by Elio D’Anna